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The Snake Gang

The snakes are on the loose!

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The Snake Gang, is a group of wierd friends formed from the 'snake pit', of ODSS. Our rivals are the skids, wiggers, Kyle Hurst, and the mongooses whom we fight daily. We are interested in making everyone think we're insane, random events, drinking, partying and freaking you the fuck out! We enjoy partying with other groups/gangs/crews a lot. Once you party with the Snake Gang, you'll never go back. Our natural habitat is Jen's and David's house, and the 600 hall of ODSS.

Our final members joined on one fine grade 10 day. Cleverly Jordan May came up with the name. We all have our own special Snake Gang nicknames and signs. What does the Snake Gang mean you ask? We have no idea.

Snake Gang friends, temporary members, and people who are plotting our death right now: feel free to post comments anytime.

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Chris . Christina . Curtis . David
Elise . Jen . Jon . Jordan
Kristian . Lee-Anne . Patrick
Sarah . Stephanie . Tyler