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Camping Thoughts - yeah, I had a lot

hey niglets
so we are going camping really soon, and it's gonna be sweet. and I was thinking about lots of stuff about it, (and it was depriving me of sleep) so i thought I would write them in here so you can see them too. I just have thoughts and questions, you don't have to agree with them or do anythign about them though. JUST READ.

who is actually coming? and how is everyone getting there?
and does that place have a website or anything? and when does it open? because we should get there early to guarantee the sites we want. maybe we could like.. meet in Orangeville before we leave and like follow eachother maybe? to the place? so we are all there at the same time?

are we going to an electrical site? I am gonna bring a cd player then.

and we need firewood if we are planning on having a fire. if you can bring some, then please do so. otherwise, we should all chip in a couple bucks and buy some.
also, bring change cause the pool costs money because they suck. actually, just bring lots of cash and change. I bet it will be really convenient

hmm... everyone brign your own stuff and don't rely on other people i.e. bugspray, sunscreen, tents, crackrocks and hookers, food, cups, mixers, alkoll, towels, 8726592 pounds of marshmallows and their pokers, flashlights... umbrellaasss? oh and chairs! bring fold up chairs!

I was thinking... we don't have to do this... but if we end up getting two campsites (which I think we have to?) one could be for sleeping... and the other could have the fire/music/food/loudness... so then the sleepers could sleep, and the wakers could wake with much less anger and/or murder. Chris, don't bring your gun. no wait! we need protection from wild beasts and foreigners!

does anyone have a dining tent they could bring? I have one... but it is pretty old, and confusing, and big. if not we could like... get rope.. and a tarp...

I want a kiddie pool. and a cauldron.

ooh, someone bring those citronella torch thingies. or any citronella candle type things.
and those little gas stoves? does anyone have one of those they are willing to bring? do I have one of those..?

so pretty much to sum it up, I am directly relying on Curtis to guide us through this. you ARE comign right? for some reason I have a feeling someone said you aren't. in that case, we are screwed.

please comment to this!!!!! with ideas! and suggestions! what are your plans! and even if you want to make fun of my thoughts for being stupid, and argue them. and I am sorry if I sounded at all demanding, controlling, or selfish. I didn't really mean to be. I was just tryign to help!
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