.×cня¡ѕт¡иล×. (ambiguousmoi) wrote in the_snake_gang,

Listen up bitches:

We are camping from August One To August Three.

    August 1st - August 3rd

Of course you'll have to chip in with money and food, but we ARE going. I'm not to sure where yet, somewhere close. 
NOTE [small change] Now I'm thinking Primrose or Earl Rowe. But if you like/perferre a certain place not too far a drive,  let me know, I'll check it out.
But this is the heads up, so if you want to come, you have to work out food and how you are getting there, don't assume someone will drive you without asking.. And money. More details.. after i check out a place.
So Let me know if you can come, then i know how many sites/how much room we will need. Chances are I'm gonna book it end of this week, sometime next week.

 I really want this to happen.. So I'll try my darnest so it does.

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