.×cня¡ѕт¡иล×. (ambiguousmoi) wrote in the_snake_gang,

Attention party goers

Who ever needs alk for Friday and Saturday I have approximently 30 shots of vodka
For you're purchasing needs. So if you need it, buy it from me please. I don't drink vodka
And owe my mother back the money.. Also.. bring the money the day of if you want any. I will 
not let you pay me later.
[Edit: The vodka is SOLD OUT]

[Also p.s to the Tequila drinkers. I purchased half a mickey.. since full ones don't exist?
200ml instead of 375. We'll shot it at Davids? Cause Sarah can't come to Kristians?
Sounds good. I got the alk, you guys bring the salt and lemons.]


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