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ok heres the dealio. my dad said it was ok if i had people over to the meeting hall. i will draw a map and email it to people. but one problem is he probably doesnt want people sleeping over... but i can probably convince him or bribe him otherwise.

rules??? ummm well its a buisness, so dont really break anything, or me and my dad will be pissed. along with everybody else invovled with the buisness. which is a lot of people. well. not really but they're cool people so they dont need to have problems. and do drugs outside, cuz well... its a buisness. well drugs as in... anything smoked. snorting, injecting, ingesting, and applying any drug indoors however is AOK!!!

eventually we will probably have to turn the music down a BIT, just so that its not defening. there are... 3 and a half other people living on the property nearby. and 2 or 3 who live up on a hill. that is too far away to really matter. so lets just say 3 and a half people.

my rules are very long winded. i dont feel like making anymore. oh and if you have sex, be quiet, or at least try.

i will do my best to convince my dad to let people sleep over, but if worse comes to worse, a few people can sleep over and then leave early in the morning with jason or something.

gaahhhh now i have to draw a friggen map...
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